Can Pavers be Painted?

Colorful cobblestone road pavement

Pavers are a long-lasting paving stone. They are often used to build driveways, walkways, and patios and can be constructed on several different surfaces with adequate planning. If you’re laying brick pavers, you may want to try painting them at some point.

Yes, to put it simply. Yes, they are capable. Should you go ahead and do it? In helping you make the decision, we provided some of the necessary information you’ll need.

Painting your Pavers - Step-by-Step

It is not impossible to paint pavers. While pavers are designed to last, you may want to alter their appearance from time to time. Here’s a sample process in painting your pavers:

  1. Remove any weeds that have sprouted between or alongside the pavers. With a push broom, remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the pavers’ floor.
  2. In a bucket, add four or five drops of dish soap. Fill the bucket to the brim with water. Using a hose, saturate the pavers with water. With the push broom, scrub the pavers’ surface.
  3. Using a garden hose, rinse the pavers. Enable one or two days for the pavers to dry before using them.
  4. Using a roller brush, apply an acrylic cement primer to the pavers’ surface. Be sure to coat the surface and let it dry properly.
  5. If the primer coat is dry, get the acrylic cement paint of your choosing and roll it uniformly on the pavers’ surface until it is completely covered. After the first coat dried entirely, apply a second layer of paint.
  6. Apply a concrete sealant to the top and joints of the pavers.

The Cons of Painting your Pavers

When you paint pavers, you make a few disadvantages in structural quality, visual appeal, and even longevity. Painting layers are bound to peel over time, mainly if the pavers are extensively used, such as in a driveway. Furthermore, the consistency of the finish one can achieve by painting pavers is heavily reliant on one’s ability.

Taking all of these into account, it’s comforting to know that you have choices other than paint if you’re unhappy with your pavers.

Painting Pavers Alternatives

  • Staining Pavers – A homeowner typically does not want to stain their pavers. The application process is identical to painting, except for how each choice performs. Staining chemicals infiltrate the pavers rather than coating them, resulting in a more natural appearance that won’t slip off and is easier to adhere to. If you’re dead set on changing your pavers’ hue, staining is a better option than painting.
  • Cleaning and Sealing – You will not always have the ability to maintain your hardscape areas properly. As a consequence, it will seem to be vintage. On the other hand, Pavers are often coated with layers of gravel, grass, and weeds, making them seem bland. You may get surprised to learn that your pavers already look like new after a thorough cleaning.
  • Getting New Pavers – Pavers come in various styles and colours, and they are much less expensive than brick or natural stone. Get a quote on new pavers if you’re tired of the way your current ones look. Since there will be no need to dig and level again, the price will be much lower than you expected.

We understand you came to learn more about how to paint pavers. However, since we deal with them every day, we couldn’t let you keep looking without reminding you that cleaning could be everything you need. When you plan to paint your pavers, make sure you consider all of the advantages and disadvantages. Take all of the requisite precautions, and you should be fine.

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