5 Reasons Travertine Pavers Are Great for Pool Decks

Once the scorching heat arrives, some may prefer to lounge in the confines of their air-conditioned room while others maximize the use of their outdoor living space. Having a swimming pool in your backyard is certainly an advantage, especially during summertime, because it is a fun and entertaining way to beat the heat.

At Hoppers Crossing Pavers, we understand that aside from building a pool for recreational purposes, homeowners also want to keep it safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing. That is why our team uses top-grade paving materials for outdoor surfaces. If you prefer to upgrade your pool area or plan to have a pool built before summer arrives, we recommend using travertine pavers in your pool deck. Here are some of the advantages that travertine pavers can extend to you and your pool deck renovation.

Provides Non-Slip Surface

One of the concerns when choosing a material is if it is suitable for pool surfaces. You have to find a surface material that can help lessen the risk of slipping and falling. Travertine pavers are manufactured in hot springs or limestone caves and are exposed to high temperatures and pressure. Due to that, they have distinctive holes and channels that can absorb the water that is pushed to the surface of your pool deck.

Since travertine pavers are porous in nature, they can easily absorb water, so you will not worry that your pool area is slippery. Through travertine pavers, water will not remain in puddles or flood the surrounding areas in your pool. So, if your house is located in an area that experiences a high amount of rain, this type of surface can also prohibit water runoff and flooding.

Highly Resistant to Heat

If you live in a town that experiences extremely high temperatures during summer, having travertine pavers installed on your pool deck will also be an advantage because it can effectively resist heat. This type of paving material can transfer the cool temperature underneath the soil and resist the heat of the sun’s rays. With travertine pavers, you don’t have to hold back and worry about burning the bottoms of your feet even if the sun is shining in its full glory.

Hard-Wearing Paving Material

Since the pool area is exposed to harsh weather conditions, elements and heavy foot traffic, it is crucial to pick a surface material that can effectively withstand the daily wear and tear in the area. When using travertine for your pool deck, you have to ensure that you use outdoor travertine pavers and not the travertine tiles because the latter is more suitable for indoor use. Travertine pavers are hard-wearing and thick surface materials that can handle extreme weather conditions and elements.


For those who wish to attain the luxurious appeal of natural stone in their pool deck, travertine pavers are one of the most cost-efficient options because they are durable and don’t require regular upkeep. Compared to other natural stone surfaces, travertine is more affordable and doesn’t need frequent repairs and replacement if properly installed and maintained.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aside from the practical benefits that travertine pavers offer to pool decks, these surface materials also significantly boost your space’s curb appeal and aesthetic. Since it has a unique surface and comes in a multitude of styles and colours, you can efficiently find the one that will match and enhance the overall look of your pool area.

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