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For more than a decade, Hoppers Crossing Pavers has served Hoppers Crossing and other neighbouring suburbs and areas with high-quality and professional paving services and paver installation solutions at a very competitive rate. We have a team of highly experienced paver installers, landscape artists, designers, builders, and engineers who have spent years to master their craft of building visually appealing, long-lasting, and standard-compliant paver installations. We are also one of the most complete paving solutions in Hoppers Crossing. Our services are not only limited to installations. Here are our different services as well as some of the most popular pavers and building materials that we have available for you:

Hoppers Crossing Pavers is committed to providing service that will exceed your expectations and not just simply meet them. For all things pavers and installing them, know that you can trust us. Call us today and talk to one of our expert installers to explore the different options we have for you. 

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When it comes to budget-friendly paver installation services, our company offers the best at a lower price than other companies.


For the entirety of our existence as Hoppers Crossing's most trusted paving service provider, we have upheld the virtue of honest in everything we do, especially in our pricing and estimates.


Integrity plays a vital role in developing our core competencies. For more than ten years, we, together with our builders and partners, strive to ALWAYS do what is right no matter what the cost is.


Ten years ago, we made a promise. A promise to never cease to commit to deliver only HIGH QUALITY output that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

We provide a complete 360-degree paving solutions in and around Hoppers Crossing.

Pavers have been used since time immemorial. Ever since ancient times, people have been using some time of paving materials to build roads and driveways. The same remains true until today. The popularity of using pavers has not wavered over time, thanks to its inherent ability to transform unpaved areas into beautiful spaces that you and your family can use to relax, bond, and whatnots. Pavers are used not only in roads and driveways nowadays. They are now popular options for pool decks, patios, back yards, and even for walls such as retaining walls. 

There are different types of pavers in the market. Depending on what use you intend them to be, there is an ideal paving material you can choose for your project. However, not all pavers are created equally. Some are better than others in terms of quality. When choosing a paver, you have to look out for the following factors to know if they are high-quality and professionally made:

You need to understand that the type of pavers you use for your installation is only half of the things you need to worry about. The other half includes the quality of workmanship of its installation. In the hands of a skilled paver, your paved areas will be guaranteed to look great and last long. Call us today and talk to one of our experts to explore the different options that are available for you. 

shiny pavers at hopper crossing pavers
concrete pavers laid in a circ at hopper crossing pavers


Paving Materials

There are many kinds of paver blocks available to purchase at Hopper’s crossing Paving Supplies such as concrete, stone or brick. In addition, we have very rare tiles suitable only for being used on special-purpose areas around the house. From traditional building materials to highly modern-looking pavements, it is all possible by us!

intricately-laid-bricks-in-different-sizes at hoppers crossing pavers

Bricks has since been used as a popular paving material since ancient times. It has been used for roads and public buildings. Its popularity is lent by its awesome ability to withstand pressure of constant traffic. Because of this, bricks are popular pavers for driveways and path walks. On top of that, bricks’ color don’t fade easily because of the way that it is manufactured.

concrete-paving-wtih-hammer at hoppers crossin pavers

Concrete pavers are another popular paving material that has earned notoriety, especially in recent years. They’re different from poured concrete and more durable too! Because of its inherent toughness, it’s ideal for driveways and path walks as well. However, unlike bricks, concrete pavers have the tendency to crack under high temperature.

beautiful multi coloured flagstones at hopper crossing pavers

Flagstones are a type of sedimentary rock that are naturally forming. They come in a variety of beautiful colours and patterns, making them ideal for decorative use. Interestingly, with the way that flagstones are formed, they have an awesome property that allows them to perfectly fit to each other. They are thinner than bricks and concrete, which means that they are not ideal for driveways.

travertine pavers installed in a garden at hopper crossing pavers

Travertine pavers are also a naturally formed paving material that comes in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and patterns. They are sedimentary rocks that are formed when exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures. Because of its formation process, it has the unique capability of being heat-resistant, making them perfect for installing in the outdoors.

marble pavers that are laid parrallel to each other at hopper crossing pavers

One of the most popular paving materials are marbles. In the paving world, they are the real definition of luxury. Marbles exudes a grandeur aesthetics that has become popular among royalties in the past. They are tough, long lasting and definitely beautiful. Because it is characterized with luxury, marbles lie in the higher end of the price spectrum.

cobblestone pavers at hopper crossing pavers

Cobblestones are manufactured using naturally occurring rocks. They are typically associated with granite but other rocks and minerals like basalt, limestone, and sandstone can also be used to manufacture cobblestones. Because of this type, it presents an endless possibility of variety, making it ideal for decorative applications. 

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There are different factors that come into play when determining the cost of a paving project. Some projects are definitely more expensive than others but they are primarily dictated by factors like (1) the area to be paved, (2) the needed preparatory work, and (3) the type of paver/materials to use. Call our hotline today to get a more accurate cost estimate for your project,

What is the best Paver to use for my driveway?

For driveways, you need to think of longevity and sturdiness. The reason for this is that the driveway should be able to withstand pressure from constant car traffic. The most popular materials for driveways include bricks and concrete pavers because they are thicker, hence more durable. Talk to one of our experts today and explore the other options that we have for you!

How long before you can finish a project?

The duration of a project depends on how intricate the project is. Some projects may take only a few days to finish while others may last longer. You also have to consider different curing periods that each material is required to have to ensure longevity. Call us today to inquire!

How can we contact you?

You can call our number at (03) 8797 2841 or send us an email at [email protected] One of our friendly representatives will help you through all of your concerns!